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* Addons

NOTE:I am currently not playing World of Warcraft and am therefore no longer maintaining these addons. Please do not send me mails unless you are willing to adopt one of the addons. Check the respective addon's page on Curse to see if it has already been taken over by someone.

I have written or am maintaining the following addons. They are hosted on Curse Gaming but as it has lately been very shaky, I am also offering download links to the latest versions of these addons on my page here. I am, however, not planning to set up a forum, descriptions, screenshots or anything on my page at the moment, as I have neither the time, space or traffic quota for it.

Link to Curse GamingDirect download from this pageUpdated on
GuildGreetGuildGreet 40100.12011-04-27
DeathCountDeathCount 40100.12011-04-27
FactionizerFactionizer 40100.12011-04-27
UrbinRangeUrbinRange 40100.12011-04-27
UrbinTargetTargetUrbinTargetTarget 40100.12011-04-27
Not on curseUrbinFishSound 40100.12011-04-27
GuildRosterShowGuildRosterShow 40100.12011-04-27

I have written a fan's update for Dsania's AuctionFilterPlus. I will not be maintaining this or improving it. I just hacked it together so it would work with patch 4.0.1.

Main host siteDirect download from this pageUpdated on
AuctionFilterPlus (fan's update)AuctionFilterPlus 40100.12011-04-27

Every once in a while I get mails about these addons to my e-mail adress listed on this page. Can I please ask you that instead, you post your comments on the corresponding page on Curse? This will allow others to also see your feedback and it helps me to manage all feature requests or feedback in one place. Thanks!

I have patched some addons that seem to be abandoned. I've just patched them enough to make them work for me. I have no intention of officially hosting them on one of the addon sites. I might give up maintenance of them if bigger changes are needed to keep them running at any time. I merely put them up for others to keep them using, since I've already fixed them for myself anyway.

Original addonDirect download from this pageUpdated on
DelMapa by PrandurDelMapa 40000.12010-02-10
LootCounter for SCTLootCounter for SCT 40000.12010-02-10
AggroAggro 40000.12010-10-22
Bastian Pflieger's CorpseInfoCorpseInfo 40000.12010-10-22
Dhask's and Moncai's FlightMapFlightMap 40000.22010-10-26
Jazradel's AutoResAutoRes 40000.12010-10-22
Mirrikat45's GearScoreLiteGearScoreLite 40000.12010-10-22
Willoisa's MapRulerMapRuler 40000.12010-10-22
Skeeve's MobInfo2MobInfo2 40000.12010-10-22
rbarreiros's TankWarningsTankWarnings 40000.12010-10-22
Dust's TargetCheckTargetCheck 40000.12010-10-22
Tekkub's VendorBaitVendorBait 40000.22010-10-22
Nedlinin's WhoWhisperedMeWhoWhisperedMe 40000.12010-10-22
Koudelka's VendorBagsVendorBags 40000.12010-10-22
Tuftears's TWFocusTWFocus 40000.12010-10-22
Last modified: 2011-07-26